Choose from one of Philipines' most extensive collections of stunning, conflict-free and naturally mined diamonds. 10 years of creating happy customers!
Melville Sy
Celebrity Stylist

“I like the quality and I have the option to have it customised based on what I want. Also they are there to help me choose what will suit me best."

Lyne San Juan-Ponferrada
Mom & Automobile Entrepreneur

“It’s the simplicity. They focus on the diamond itself rather than all these elaborate designs. I think that’s what sets Tessera apart. Of course, the credibility - knowing that you’re buying something genuine. That’s very important, especially, it’s an expensive investment so you want to make sure that you’re buying from a reputable jeweller."

C&C Aesthetics Clinic Owner

“You can personalize your jewelry. What I like most about Tessera is they also consider your budget. There are a lot of jewellers here in the Philippines who just want to sell and what sets Tessera apart is that they really care you as their client."

Ian Reyes

"They helped me choose the right engagement ring. And this tiny little thing is scintillating just like her - my beautiful fiance now. I am very happy that she loves it."


"It was Tessera who really gave me key points on how to find and assess an engagement ring - basically, taught me about the things I need to know. So, there I'm glad I found the perfect ring, which she really loved it by the way. Cheers to your whole team!"

Dionne Singh

"Thank you Tessera Jewelry for being a fairy Godmother of our jewelries even overseas!"