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Online Terms & Conditions

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    These online Terms and Conditions govern the access to, and use of, our website, including the services made available through it. By accessing and using our website, you indicate that you have understood these Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them. 

    We may modify these Terms and Conditions from time to time, without prior notice. By continuing to access and use our website after the modification, you indicate your agreement to the modified terms and conditions. 


    You may place an order by creating an account on our website or as a guest. Creating an account on our website will remove the inconvenience of having to type your billing information, shipping information, and payment information every time you place an order. It also enables you to check your order history and status.

    Only persons who are at least 18 years old may create an account on our website. If you are a minor, seek the assistance and supervision of your parent or legal guardian when accessing or using our website. 

    During the registration process (if registering as a user) or the checkout process (if checking out as a guest), you will be required to provide certain information about yourself. You warrant that all information that you will provide are true, accurate, complete, and up-to-date. You shall be liable to and third parties for all claims, costs, expenses, damages, and losses arising from our reliance on any of the information that you provided. 

    You are responsible for safeguarding the confidentiality of your username (email address) and password and ensuring that unauthorized persons will not have access to your account. Report to us immediately any unauthorized use or suspected breach of security of your account.

    You are expected to be responsible in using our website and services. You agree not to: send spams or create or share inappropriate comments, reviews, or posts about us, the products available in our website, the brand-owners, or other customers; place any spurious or fraudulent order; open any fake account; hack into the accounts of other customers; or transmit or spread viruses, trojan horses, worms, or other malicious programs.

Suspension or Termination of Account

    We reserve the right to immediately, and without prior notice, suspend or terminate your account, cancel your orders, prohibit you from accessing or using our website, and from sending purchase orders, if we suspect that: 

1. Your account was used or involved in any in any fraudulent or unlawful activity;

2. Any of the information that you provided to us is false, inaccurate, incomplete, or outdated; 

3. Your account was used for any purpose detrimental to the business of;

4. You violated any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions; or

5. Your continued access to or use of our website poses a threat to the privacy or security of our website or the accounts 

of other customers.

Placing of Orders

    You may place your order through our website or by sending a purchase order to the following email, Facebook, Instagram accounts and contact numbers:

Email address:

Facebook: @tessserajewelry

Instagram Accounts: @tesserajewelry, @carloftessera,@carlthejeweller, @patoftessera, @tesserasales, @itspamoftessera, 

@itsabbyoftessera, @itseloftessera, @itsericoftessera and @itspamoftessera

Contact Numbers (Viber): 0995 426 1445, 0917 179 3352, 0966 334 8763, 0905 260 1163, 0995 728 5072, 0966 358 6236, 0936 

304 1330 and 0965 431 1911.

    We reserve the right to decline or cancel any order at any time, at our sole discretion. If you have already paid for your order before it was cancelled, we will not refund your payment to you even upon showing of proof of your payment.

Orders placed through our website

    Orders are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Our system automatically updates the information on available stocks. However, there may be instances when there will be a delay or error in performing the said update. We will notify you if you happen to place an order for a product that is already out of stock and will cancel your order. The same applies to information about the price of the products. If we discover any error in the price of any of the products that you ordered, we will notify you and will cancel your order. 

    We shall not be liable for any and all claims, costs, expenses, damages, and losses arising from, or related to, our cancellation of your order due to any of the above mentioned causes.

    All purchase orders sent through email, Facebook, Instagram, or Viber must bear the following information, otherwise they will not be entertained:

• Name of Client

• Contact Details of Client – Mobile Number, Email Address and/or Instagram Account

• Product Code/s

• Quantity of products

• Add-Ons (Setting, etc.)

• Purchase order number or preferred mode of payment

• Complete shipping address for the order

• Complete billing address for the invoice 


    Orders may be paid through Cash on Delivery (COD), Bank Transfers, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX credit card, Over-theCounter, BPI, BDO, UnionBank App, GCash, Paynamics and PayMongo Link.

    If you chose COD as a mode of payment, you should present your proof of full payment upon delivery of your order. If you chose to pay via bank transfer or deposit, we require that you send to us via email, viber, facebook messenger or Instagram direct the proof of your full payment before we ship your order. For orders paid through Visa, Mastercard, AMEX credit card, BPI, BDO, UnionBank App, GCash, Paynamics or PayMongo Link, please ensure that you have sufficient credit limit to cover your entire purchase to avoid the rejection of the transaction. 


    You may pick up your orders from our showroom or have them delivered by our internal courier within Metro Manila only. 
If you are outside Metro Manila or outside the Philippines, you may have them delivered by an external courier via FedEx or LBC Express, shouldering the shipping expense.
To arrange the pick up your orders from our showroom, contact your respective Tessera expert via Viber or Instagram account at least three (3) days before the pick-up date. 

    You should inspect the products before receiving them. Your acceptance of the products indicate that the products are in good condition, free from any defect and damage, and are the same products as the ones you ordered. 

    You understand and agree that once accepted, the products can no longer be returned or exchanged nor can your payment be refunded.

Standard Area Delivery 

    We aim to deliver your order within five (5) business days within Metro Manila and within seven (7) business days outside Metro Manila from the date when we receive proof of its payment for readymade items and within five (5) to seven (7) business days within Metro Manila and within seven (7) to ten (10) business days outside Metro Manila from the date of production completion for customized items. However, due to high volume of orders, there may be occasions when we will not be able to observe these periods. We will notify you if we foresee a significant delay or change in our standard area delivery service. 

    You must designate a representative if you will not be available to receive your order. We reserve the right to request you or your representative to present a government-issued ID prior to the release of the products that you ordered.

Shipping Fees

Standard Area Delivery

    The delivery of orders to the following areas through our Standard Area Delivery service is 500.00 Php. Manila, Pasay, Caloocan, Malabon, Quezon City, San Juan, Mandaluyong, Marikina, Pasig, Makati, Taguig, Pateros, Navotas, Muntinlupa, Las Pinas, Paranaque and Alabang.

Delivery via External Courier

    All fees charged by the external courier for the shipment of the orders to your designated shipping address shall be for your sole account.

Provincial Areas

    All fees and costs for the shipment of orders to provincial areas shall be for your sole account. We shall not be liable for any and all claims, costs, expenses, damages, and losses occurring after the products ordered are released to the courier. All issues related to such claims, costs, expenses, damages, and losses shall be discussed and settled solely between you and the courier.Page 4 of 5

International Shipping

    All fees and costs for the shipment of orders to areas outside the Philippines shall be for your sole account. We shall not be liable for any and all claims, costs, expenses, damages, and losses occurring after the products ordered are released to the courier. All issues related to such claims, costs, expenses, damages, and losses shall be discussed and settled solely between you and the courier.

Cancellation and Modification of Orders

    If you have made a mistake in placing your order, you may contact us at (02) 7091 5885,, Facebook messenger, Instagram direct or Viber your Tessera expert to modify or cancel it. However, requests for order cancellation or modification must be made at least three (3) business days before the scheduled date of shipment (for provincial orders and orders to be delivered through our Standard Area Delivery service) or any time prior to the pick-up of the order (for orders to be picked up from our showroom or to be delivered by an external courier). 

Exchange and Refund

    This exchange and refund policy does not apply to products that were picked up from our showroom by the client or the client’s representative.

    We do not refund any sold item online, instead, you may exchange the item with lesser or equal value.

    If the product delivered to you is of different kind from the one that you ordered or is damaged, you may request for an exchange of the particular product by sending to us an email at or you may contact your respective Tessera expert via Viber containing the following information:

• Your complete name and address

• Request for an exchange of product

• The date when your order was placed

• Your Sales Order Reference Number

• Your order’s tracking number

• Brief description of the problem with the order or product

    To be eligible as subject of a request for exchange, the product must be un-used, properly sealed, and in its original packaging; and the product, along with its original receipt or proof of purchase, must be returned to us within ten (10) days from the date of purchase.

    Once your request for an exchange is approved, we will pick up the product from your address. We will notify you of the expected date of pick up. 

    If the product that you want to be replaced is already out of stock, we may, at our sole discretion, give you the option of choosing another product of equal price or request for a refund of the amount that you paid for the particular product. 

    We may refuse the request for exchange if, after examining the product, we determine that (1) the product that was delivered to you is of the same kind as the one that you ordered or (2) the damage to the product was not attributable to us.

Intellectual Property Rights

    All intellectual property and content available in our website, including but not limited to, software designs, brand names, logos, marks, images, graphics, and text, are exclusively owned by or by third parties that gave their permission for their use in our website. You are prohibited from downloading, storing, using, distributing, copying, reproducing, selling, licensing, modifying, publishing, adapting, editing, creating any derivative works, or manipulating the abovementioned intellectual property and content, without our express and prior written consent.

Limitation of Liability

    We do not warrant that our website will be available at all times or that the information in it are error-free, accurate, and updated. We also do not make any warranty of any kind as to the merchantability, good quality, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy of description and other information, or non-infringement of any of the products available in our website. 

    To the fullest extent allowed by law, we disclaim all liabilities for losses and damages of any kind arising from, or connected to, your use or failure to use our website or your purchase of any of the products available in our website.


    You agree to indemnify and hold harmless and its directors, officers, employees, and agents from or against any and all losses, claims, liabilities, expenses, and damages arising from or related to your use of our website or your violation of any of these Terms and Conditions.

Non-Waiver of Remedies

    No failure or delay on our part to exercise any right or remedy under these Terms and Conditions shall operate as a waiver thereof, nor shall any single or partial exercise of any right or remedy preclude any other or further exercise thereof or the exercise of any other right or remedy available under these Terms and Conditions or the law.


    If any of these Terms and Conditions is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect, and the invalid, illegal or unenforceable provision shall be restated to reflect the original intentions under these Terms and Conditions as nearly as possible in accordance with applicable laws.

Governing Law

    These Terms and Conditions are governed by Philippine laws. All suits arising from these Terms and Conditions, including all complaints shall be brought before the proper courts of Makati City to the exclusion of all other venues.